Upholding The Highest Standards In Component Distribution

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Upholding The Highest Standards In Component Distribution

Here at Honest Components, we understand that the foundation of any successful project rests on the quality of its building blocks. Our commitment to supplying authentic, rigorously tested, and reliable board-level electronic components is unwavering.

The electronics industry faces considerable challenges as the production of counterfeit parts continues unabated around the world. On appearance, these imposters may seem like the real deal, but if they enter the supply chain, they can cause untold damage, posing a threat to timelines, safety, and, at the end of the day, reputations.

The Problems Counterfeit Products Cause

Counterfeit products produce a knock-on effect of adverse outcomes. Projects can be delayed, deadlines missed, and products malfunction, all of which cost money. Even worse, these components generally do not meet the required standards and safety levels, which can endanger the lives of manufacturers and end-users.

A further negative outcome is the erosion of trust when the consumer loses faith in the manufacturer’s ability to produce a reliable, safe product. The financial implications of this are huge and potentially devastating.

Testing For Quality and Peace of Mind

We believe that meticulous testing is the cornerstone of our quality assurance. Our accredited test lab ensures the quality and authenticity of every component we supply. For your peace of mind, this third-party, independent lab is military/aerospace-grade certified in two ways, as outlined below.

  • AS6081: This standard was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) to specifically address counterfeit electronic parts within the aerospace and defense sectors. It provides for uniform requirements, practices, and methods to reduce the risk of supplying and purchasing fraudulent electronic parts.
  • ISO/IEC 17025: This standard, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), validates laboratories’ testing and calibration work and shows their commitment to reliable results and proficiency.

Why Choose Honest Components as Your Supplier of Choice?

There are many benefits to choosing us. First and foremost is our guarantee of quality. Our components meet industry specifications and deliver the reliable performance that you need to keep your project on track.

This translates directly into peace of mind, minimization of the risk of project delays, and possible safety issues. We are a supplier you can count on to deliver products that allow you to build trust with your clients, reinforcing your brand reputation for long-term customer loyalty.

Contact us to connect with our knowledgeable and experienced sales team for the highest-quality board-level electronic components for your project. You will get expert guidance and personalized solutions.